Monday, February 6, 2012

Awaiting Results

At the beginning of this week, I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive it. But now that my week is coming to a close, I feel very accomplished! With two tests and my accounting midterm, I kept plenty busy. My midterm was possibly the most important test I have taken so far in college- because, since we don’t have class-work or homework in that class, the whole semester’s grade depends on the midterm and final. I realized that if I didn’t pass my midterm, I wouldn’t be able to get into Kelley as planned. But after studying for the longest I have in my entire life, I feel confident about how I did and I am very anxious to find out my score!

I got a call this week from a company I spoke with at the Fall Career and Internship Fair; they told me that they were just now getting through all of the resumes for summer internships, and they were interested in having a phone interview with me Monday about an internship this summer! I am so excited because they have headquarters in Indianapolis and another location in Chicago. I want to branch out and experience new places, and since neither of these places are my hometown, I am happy. I really want to work in Chicago if it works out that way, but I wouldn’t mind working in Indianapolis at all. I will check back next week!

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