Monday, February 13, 2012

Results Attained

After a busy week of awaiting results, I am proud to say that I passed my accounting midterm and had a successful phone interview with the company I am pursuing a summer internship with! My score on my accounting midterm was lower than expected, and I found this was very common among my colleagues. The test is very tricky, so even if you think you did really well, chances are you probably didn’t do as well as you thought. I am glad I passed, and have decided continue on in the class for the remainder of the 8 weeks and work hard to prepare for my final exam, to hopefully come out with a good grade. I need to study harder than I ever have before in order to make the grade to get into Kelley, so I’m taking this challenge upon myself and toughing it out.

I was very satisfied with my phone interview this week. At the end of the interview, the 2 employers that spoke with me expressed to me that they are very interested in meeting with me in person for an interview. This means I passed through the phone screening and now have the opportunity to prove to them in a face-to-face interview why I deserve the internship. I am excited to do this because I’m passionate about the internship and really look forward to knowing my plans for this summer! I will check back next week!

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