Friday, February 17, 2012

Helpful Twitter Sites for IU Students

Everyone in life has a passion- something they can talk about for hours and hours and hours. I’m one of the few people who has many obsessions—from yearbooks to Sociological theories of crime, there are quite a few topics you shouldn’t start me on if you have to be somewhere soon. One of these topics is Twitter. I love Twitter. My friends, family, and life is basically on twitter. Why do I love Twitter so much? Twitter is a one stop shop for news, events, and resources that surround my interests, community, friends, and school. I don’t go on Twitter for purely social reasons, although I must admit “twitter banter” with my “besties” is “tots my fav”. I use Twitter as a way to keep up to date on everything that is important to me- here are seven of my favorite things/people to follow, and why:

@IUBloomington- this one is a little obvious- the Indiana University Bloomington twitter feed keeps me up to date on events and resources happening on campus. In addition to this, the twitter account definitely embodies the culture of IU- they post photos around campus, keep up to date with IU Athletics, and give current and future students a voice on their page by the re-tweet function.

@IUCareers- shameless marketing tidbit on my behalf, BUT this is the account for our Career Development Center. Part of my weekly duties is to construct tweets about our events, and resources. This includes employer information sessions, networking events, and exciting things going on in our office.

@monroe_alerts- I get this particular twitter accounts alerts sent to my phone- it keep me up to date with the weather that is going on in Monroe Co, which is always helpful. Particularly in the summer time, when there is a tornado warning

@IUStudentLegal- The campus Student Legal Services twitter feed is one of the most hilarious accounts I follow- their carefully crafted tweets incorporate their own personality as well as service information. I love to check in with their tweets around the holidays in particular!

@BBCBagel- This is one of my favorite places to eat in town—I love following them on Twitter because every day they tweet about which soups their stores will be serving! I also admire their frequent twitter banter with their customers and followers.

@IDSnews- What better way to keep up to date with what is going on throughout campus? There tweets incorporate links to their stories, so I can easily check in on what is happening in my campus and community.

@pizzax- In my opinion, not only is Pizza X on the front lines for pizza creation, but they also are a great example of social media marketing. They engage followers by marketing promotions, posting scavenger hunt pictures, and immersing themselves in the student culture of IU.

@Time- I have always loved Time magazine, and time articles. Sometimes on campus it is easy for me to feel like I’m in a bubble- and forget that there is life outside of Bloomington. Time helps ground me.

If I can leave you with one thought, let it be this--- Twitter is the future, create an account today.

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