Monday, January 30, 2012

Settling In

After three full weeks of classes, I feel that I am settling very well into my new semester. I have plenty of classwork to keep me busy- especially in accounting. I have a midterm coming up in that class, since it is only an 8-week course, and it will count for a large percentage of my grade, so my evenings are consistently consumed with studying! I am adapting more to public speaking, so my business presentations class is getting a little easier!

I really enjoyed working at the Winter Career Fair this week! Our student attendance was very good, and our employer feedback was also very positive! It can easily be said that the Fair was a huge success. While working, I was also able to speak with some of the employers. I noticed a huge improvement from the Fall Career Fair in my ability to speak with employers. I felt more confident and at ease in my speaking through the practice I have acquired this year. I would absolutely recommend to any freshman to get interviewing/employer relations practice now because although an internship or full-time job may seem like a responsibility of the future, it is at least good to get practice in now so that when the time comes when a job is in near sight, you are prepared and confident!

That is all for now, but I will check back next week after my big midterm is over! Wish me luck (:

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