Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little 500

IU’s Little 500 bicycle race is here, and it is the ultimate test for students’ academic endurance! As the year is winding down, it is very important for students to remember what we are here for- school. There is a lot of temptation to go out and have a good time each night, but I hope that some other aspiring Kelley Students are staying focused, as I am doing, in order to reach our goal.

As I am preparing for my internship for the summer, I am keeping some important things in mind. I realize that, at first, I am going to be very nervous and scared as an intern. But, I am going to try my best to remain calm and do my best right from the beginning. I’m going to embrace this summer as my first hands-on job experience in a field I may be interested in pursuing. If I can keep an open mind and pay attention to how I feel about my work, I will get a good idea of whether or not I want to further pursue a career in the logistics industry. I’m lucky to be able to say I am in a good position where I can decide that either I enjoy what I am doing, and continue it in the future, or decide that maybe it’s not what I want to do, and pursue a different experience for next summer. I look forward to getting this experience, and will aim to develop from it as best as I can!

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