Friday, April 6, 2012

IU Bloomington Bucket List

With summer approaching, I thought that it was only appropriate to set some summer goals for myself. Many of these goals are revolving around my IU/Bloomington Bucket list—there is WAY too many great things to do on campus and in Bloomington to not have a bucket list. Have you started yours yet? If not, here is a great one to get you started:

Here are my top five summer goals, in no order:

1. Sail Around Lake Monroe- What better way to get a tan than to rent out a boat with a bunch of your friends? Sailing around Lake Monroe has been on my bucket list for the last two summers, but somehow this never gets done—with all the warm weather we have been experiencing in Bloomington this year, I’m not going to miss out this summer!

2. See a Movie at the Starlight Drive In Theater- I guess this one technically doesn’t count because I have already done it once—BUT, it was before my freshman year. The drive in theater is so much fun, and you can see a double feature for less than the price of a ticket at the regular theater. Also, you can bring your own food.

3. Eat at a Tibetan Restaurant- Bloomington is full of unique restaurants! Since one of my favorite things to do is eat (obvi), I have sampled quite a few different kinds of cuisines. My favorite eating place to explore is Fourth Street- some many different cultures and tasty dishes. However, Tibetan is one still on my bucket list to cross off!

4. Play Frisbee in Dunn Meadow- How is it that I have walked through Dunn Meadow millions of times, but have not yet stopped to play? I definitely need to take the time to do that this summer. I’m thinking I’ll make an afternoon out of it—picnic, Frisbee, and napping.

5. Check out the Wonder Lab- I just recently learned about the Wonder Lab here in town—it was voted one of the top 25 best Science labs in the country, and provides kids a creative way to learn about science. I’ve always loved science museums, and I’m basically a kid anyhow, so I really want to go some Saturday this summer. I may take my younger brother in order to blend in better.

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