Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking Things Into "Account"

I have officially finished accounting class, and now I am just awaiting the results of my final. The exam was very difficult, and I hope I did well enough to get the grade I need for the class. After studying with 3 tutors, and for hours each night alone, I am realizing the toll that all of that stress put on my body. I am very tired even after getting 10 hours of sleep last night, and I have low energy. Taking into account that this final was the determining factor for my admission to the Kelley School, I still realize that I need to find techniques to lessen my stress in these kinds of situations because I physically and mentally will not be able to handle this kind of toll every time I have an important final. If I do get into the Kelley School as I am aspiring to, I realize that I will have a lot of difficult classes that will require this kind of effort. I am going to need to put in these long hours of studying, but I am going to need to keep my stress at a low level so recovery isn’t so difficult. I will be checking back after I have gotten my results!

Posted by Rachel

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