Monday, March 12, 2012

Serendipity: A Happy Accident

I like the idea of serendipity- the whole right place, at the right time notion; the idea that the perfect person, career, or opportunity will waltz into your life at the exact perfect time. However, I’m also a critical thinker. For me, serendipity, karma, and destiny all fall into the same category—all of them are real when I take matters into my own hands. I practice something I like to call pro-active serendipity.

There is this myth that some of my peers have sometimes, that the perfect career or employer is just going to find them—serendipitously. Although this may happen for some people, I am a little bit skeptical that this should be your career exploration game plan. With Pro-active serendipity, you open yourself up to the possibility of serendipity, by taking advantage of different experiences, opportunities, or events of interest. These events may change your perspective, open you up to new ideas, or provide some sort of career clarification.

So, what are some ways you can accidently stumble upon your life calling? Here are some of my suggestions for IU students:

1.) Check out the Bloomington Volunteer Network, an online website for all different kinds of volunteer opportunities in Bloomington. There are opportunities for all kinds of interests- environment, social, etc. Some are onetime events, and others can be on-going. Explore the website:

2.) Enroll in a Service Learning Class and apply your academic knowledge into a related local service field. Service learning classes are offered across disciplines, and allow students to take a hands on approach to their education. Classes vary across semesters, so check with the Registrar before enrolling for the upcoming semester. To see more about service learning classes, check out the IU Service Learning website:

3.) Attend a Conference or Event on campus that sparks your interest. Whether the conference or event is through your department, or from a campus office, if you see something that looks like it might interest you, pursue it. Check the IMU bulletin board, the IU Bloomington event calendar, or the events tab on our IUCareers website (

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