Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I decided last night to be productive. With everything due all at once, I don’t have the convenience of completing one assignment and giving myself a well-deserved day off. This, unfortunately, is the pitfall of being an English major. Though I’m grateful for the relative dearth of exams that comes with being an English major, I’m simply suggesting that essays have the inconvenience of being assigned a couple of weeks before they’re due. Now, I’m not sure where I fall on the laziness spectrum, but if I had to guess, I would say I’m an 8 on a scale of 10, with a 10 indicating an individual who cries a little when thinking about having to grab that pencil that is a couple of feet away. Naturally, I push off that essay until a few days before it’s due. Now, usually, I have planned my classes out in such a way that there is a convenient amount of space in my schedule between essays. This, I usually use to cool off from two days of rigorous writing. Now, unfortunately, my essays have due dates which overlap.  Is it inconsiderate on the professor’s part? No, I wouldn’t say that. I mean, maybe. Well, I mean  if you think about it, probably. It certainly couldn’t be my own failure to budget my time carefully, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

All I know is that last night I finished an essay for one of my classes and then went to bed, and dreamed of all the things I had yet to accomplish. That’s October for you. I just keep telling myself that it’s only a couple more months until the tree will be decked out, and I’ll be sprawled out by the fire reading a book that I have chosen to read. Until then, there is much to do. I am making progress though. Today I submitted an application to IU’s Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate program, and on Friday I have the Teach for America interview. And, I’m almost done with Vanderbilt’s Higher Education graduate application as well. It’s all looking promising. My goal, however, is not to be almost finished with Vanderbilt’s application. My goal isn’t to have almost turned six applications. My goal is to have completed those six applications. Keep your fingers crossed. I know I will. These next two months are going to be a bumpy ride.

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