Friday, May 4, 2012

Rising Senior

As of today, I have 365 more days at Indiana University until I graduate. I have one more year to exhaust the possibilities, build friendships, experience Bloomington, and leave my mark on this campus. This is a lot of pressure; but I also feel excited thinking about where I will be in my life a year from today. A year from now I should have some type of road map for the next few years—a destination picked out, a career to actively pursue, and a new life within eye sight. I’m trying to push the feelings of nostalgia away, and focus on making the most of these next 365 days. I have no doubt in my mind that this next year is going to fly by, even though I so desperately want it to be the slowest year of my life. I don’t want to waste any time—I want every one of these 365 days to be an experience to remember. Posted by Annie

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