Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Sleep, Less Stress

College students need sleep. I am learning this firsthand because I have been putting my schoolwork first and my body last during this transition into college. Combined with stress from keeping my grades up, a lack of sleep has caused me to be sick almost the entire time here at IU a result of my immune system being weak. I need to leave time for more sleep and healthy meals in order to get better!

Some unfortunate news is that I did not receive the summer internship I interviewed for with C.H. Robinson. I assume it is because I am only a freshman. But, many positive things still came from this. The experience that I gained from preparing for and doing the interview was very good. I have always believed that practice makes perfect, and what better way is there to get better at interviewing than to actually do it a few times? Also, the company notified me that, although I did not receive the internship position I applied for, they enjoyed my interview and encouraged me to contact them in the future about possible full-time opportunities with their company. All-in-all, nothing bad came out of this experience, and if anything- I am excited to spend the summer with my family, as I haven’t been back to my hometown since I moved to IU.

I am preparing to schedule my classes for next semester, and I am taking into consideration many things- such as the classes/subjects I am enjoying the most. As an exploratory freshman, I am keeping my mind open to many opportunities and possibilities. If everything goes as planned, I will be taking the rest of my pre-requisite classes for the school of business, as well as a couple other courses that I will need for my degree. I will check back next week with more updates on my time here at IU!

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