Thursday, November 17, 2011

Class Scheduling!

I have scheduled my classes, and I am satisfied with what I’m taking. I will be taking Business Presentations, Folklore, Finite Mathematics, Accounting and Psychology. I am most excited about Business Presentations and Psychology. I think Bus Pres will be a great opportunity for me to improve upon my public speaking skills. I have never taken a speech or public speaking course, nor had much experience in it, and I know it is very important to know so I am ready to learn how to do well in that. Psychology will be an interesting class because I have never had any experience in that, either, and a lot of my friends said it is a good course to take. I think it’s an interesting area to study.

I like next semester’s schedule a lot more than the classes I am in right now, because, for the most part, right now I am taking classes that are required but not really learning about anything new and interesting. It will be nice to have a change of pace and have a more varied schedule.

I have been enjoying my weekends a lot here at IU. Last weekend I volunteered at the Physics Open House on campus, which is an event that shows kids the fun in science (like a children’s museum.) A lot of little kids came and had a great time. They really enjoyed the station that I was working at- a demonstration of pulling out a tablecloth from underneath a table set with dishes and a lit candle. They had fun and also learned about friction within physics.

It’s time for Thanksgiving, and I am really looking forward to spending some time with my family at home, and just relaxing. I love IUB, but it will be nice to be surrounded by my family again, and my pets of course! I am also looking forward to spending time with my best friends back home. I will check back after a week of relaxation and fun. See you soon! (:

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