Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First week = success

First week = Success. I survived all of my classes, and also had a lot of fun. I’m taking BUS-K 201, the prerequisite class for Kelley School of Business, INFO-I 101, the prerequisite for the School of Informatics, ENG-W 131 composition class, and M-211 Calculus. I am enjoying all of my classes so far, and although the homework is far more than I’m used to, it’s not unmanageable. In my business class, we hit the ground running and we are doing a lot of work very quickly, but it is very enjoyable because I love business. I took marketing classes and was a member of DECA for 4 years in high school, so I have prior experience in this type of class. I honestly don’t know how I ended up in my M211 calculus class, because apparently it’s the “hard class,” as opposed to M 119 - which is a brief survey of calculus - and not as rigorous. But even though everyone is telling me “wow” and “good luck with that,” I’m doing fine in my class because I really like math and my professor is hilarious. I don’t know much about Informatics, so I’m taking I-101 to figure out whether I am interested in pursuing it or not. Since I’m exploratory, I’m considering many different majors and possible combinations of majors/minors. I think I will probably want to combine business as a major with something else as a minor.

I’m also working 10 hours a week at the Career Development Center. I got assigned to this job based on my interview for the Cox Scholarship, and I am confident they put me in the right place because I love working there and it also gives me a chance to learn about careers and job opportunities through the process of helping other students. I’m also having a lot of fun because during my 5 project hours in the Center each week I’m responsible for marketing. So, over the next year I will have the privilege of developing new marketing strategies and coming up with new and innovative ideas for the Center, including the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I’m working 10 hours a week to pay a stipend for 25% of my scholarship. It is a very reasonable amount of time to work and I still have plenty of time for everything else I need to do. I’m getting in a routine and getting to know the good places to eat and the fun things to do around campus in Bloomington. Mother Bear’s Pizza is also conveniently located very close to my dorm. First week = Success.

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