Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beginning the Internship

Although I am only just sinking my feet into my internship, I am already feeling extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful program. You are probably wondering where I intern at, and exactly what my role entails. Here is a short video clip of the program I am interning with:

Pretty powerful, huh? As I mentioned before, I am really interested in the field of community corrections. When I was offered a position as a research intern, I was extremely excited to be able to get an inside look into community corrections. It is my hope that this internship helps me explore and decide if this is an area I wish to pursue a career in.

So far, I am still getting acclimated with the range of services Centerstone has, the grants I will be working with, and the culture of community corrections. I am currently being trained on administering our bio-psycho-social interview for clients of Project CARE. Clients who indicate they want to help us with our grants are administered four interviews- an intake, 3 month follow up, 6 month follow up, and 12 month follow up. These interviews ask a wide range of questions, focusing on examining how the client is responding to Project CARE. This data is crucial for our various grants.

I am both excited, and a bit anxious about administering the interview. Some of the questions deal with sensitive issues, such as drug usage, and mental health. I am a bit concerned that clients may have trouble answering these questions to a new, young face. I want to create an environment in which clients feel comfortable sharing this information, without feeling judged. Any tips or ideas?

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