Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midterm Time

As I am progressing through my freshman year, I am learning something new each day. Midterms are approaching, so studying is consuming a lot of my time. School is moving quickly and I am adapting to college life very well.

I am on track to be admitted into the Kelley School of Business, and I am very excited about that. I have successfully completed my first Business Lecture Exam, and I am preparing for a Lab Exam Saturday. It is imperative that I do well, because getting into Kelley depends upon it! I am developing an increasing interest in business day-by-day, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to get into business school!

Calculus is continually challenging yet manageable. Creating a study group was a great idea because we do homework together every week and have fun at the same time. Study groups are a great way for me to solidify my knowledge by repeating it to others, and also to receive advice on what I don’t know. I am absolutely surviving my “hard” math class, and persistently working towards a good grade.

I am becoming better at Informatics as well. Information technology has many different aspects, and I am learning many new things. Programming is an art that takes practice, and it is interesting to do something I have never before had experience with. Learning computer code and other new subjects has been interesting as well, as I was not expecting to learn this in my class. I believe I will definitely have an advantage in the working world if I continue in my study of Informatics, because IT is important to almost all businesses nowadays.

I will check back after I have taken my midterm exams! This is a busy time of the year, but at the same time I absolutely love IU! I don’t know if I could be happier at another school, and I can’t believe I’ve already been here 7 weeks. Time is flying, and although I do a lot of studying, I am also finding time for fun. See you soon with more about my freshman year! (:

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